Why Should You Use WordPress?

When you decide to build a webpage, be it for a blog, various personal interests, social networking, or for a business, you invariably hear somebody advocating for the use of WordPress. Invariably, you also hear a good many people warning that there are some stags when working with it. It does require a somewhat sophisticated

Persuasive Strategies and Rhetorical Devices

There are three types of persuasive strategies; a good argument will use the combination of all 3. Logos – logical argument; an appeal to logic or reason Ethos – appeals based on the reliability, credibility, or expertise of the writer Pathos – appeals to the audience’s needs, values or emotions A rhetorical device is a

We should all be allowed to work from anywhere

Right now, I’m sitting at a picnic table in the middle of Center Square Park in Blue Bell, PA. The sun is shining. The birdies are chirping. It’s a beautiful, 83-degree summer morning in July. A seemingly nice man just parked and took his dog into the fenced dog play area to my left. And

How To Improve Your Ecommerce UX To Increase Conversions

In the same way the first glimpse of the interior of a store needs to make a strong impression on potential customers, the first impression of an eCommerce site can make or break a potential sale. Analyzing user experience – or UX – can make a huge difference. The First Impression When users visit your

Pre-Marital Marketing

So imagine I’m back on my wedding day and just as the preacher is reciting the vows, “Do you, Jason take Heather…” Heather looks into my eyes and says, genuinely, ”Now, the first two months you get nothing and it’ll be slow to start thereafter, but trust me, in six months you’ll thank me.” What do you think my

The 26 Reasons People Buy

From Joe Vitale’s book, the AMA Complete Guide to Small Business Advertising. The following help you begin the buying trance… make money save money save time avoid effort get more comfort achieve greater cleanliness achieve better health escape physical pain gain praise be popular attract the opposite sex conserve possessions increase enjoyment gratify curiosity protect family be

Branding is not just for cattle anymore.

Making your mark in the business world obviously has a lot to do with the quality of your product or service. The better your widget is, the easier it is going to be to sell it to others. However, your company is probably not the only one around that provides your products and services. And

What is Online Branding?

Online branding has both a simple and a complex definition. On one hand, establishing your brand online means something pretty straightforward – telling your customers and potential customers who you are and why you matter. However, there are also so many factors that play a part in successful online branding that it can be difficult to accurately define