Pre-Marital Marketing

So imagine I’m back on my wedding day and just as the preacher is reciting the vows, “Do you, Jason take Heather…” Heather looks into my eyes and says, genuinely, ”Now, the first two months you get nothing and it’ll be slow to start thereafter, but trust me, in six months you’ll thank me.”

What do you think my reaction would have been?

Whoa there! Come again? The wedding’s off. Whachu talkin’ ’bout Willis?!

That’s about what Ad Agencies and SEO* companies tell you. The first month or two is planning and setup where they do research and do a little tweaking of the existing components to pave the way. The next few months is link building and only after a minimum of six months do you start seeing any results.

Don’t get me wrong, both types of companies have their place and good ones will get you good results- but how many companies have the ability to truly operate on that kind of faith? And what’s the guarantee if they don’t?? “Well, we tried but it was harder than we thought. Better luck next time.”

Here’s all I wanted to hear from my wife:

“I will love you forever.” (And also “Tonight I’m going to rock your world.”) Honestly, those sound like results-oriented words to me! :-)

That’s the type of response you can expect to get from an Online Press Release. (It will rock your world.)

  1. Get results immediately – most companies see a minimum of 5% increase in traffic from just one release
  2. Keep those results forever – Most of the Online Press Releases we’ve distributed are still out there. I just saw one for Jaymunda from mid-2007 and it’s still on page 1.

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