Why Should You Use WordPress?

When you decide to build a webpage, be it for a blog, various personal interests, social networking, or for a business, you invariably hear somebody advocating for the use of WordPress.

Invariably, you also hear a good many people warning that there are some stags when working with it. It does require a somewhat sophisticated knowledge of things to get it running in some cases, it requires a little more elbow grease for customization than others, if it’s not implemented properly, they can be less than performance, etc. Sure, these are all valid concerns, but their true about most CMS frameworks. Those that don’t have these snags tend to be so very limiting, you can’t really do much with them. The truth is, the many advantages of using WordPress far outshine any of these potential challenges, challenges that you’ll see with any approach you choose.

Below, we’re going to look at several of the many positive aspects of WordPress, and why it’s pretty much the industry standard choice at this point.

Free and Open Source

WordPress is, above all else, a free and open source framework. It costs nothing to obtain WordPress, all of its core features are available at no additional expense, and it can be modified on a higher or lower level, depending on how much you want to change, and how experienced you are at web development.

You can completely change just about anything about WordPress, and build your own framework based on it for your proprietary needs if you so desire.

A small caveat about its free nature, while the software itself is free, it may cost you a bit of an investment by way of expertise, to achieve your desired end goal, with a comprehensive website that furthers your brand. This would be the case with any competing software, the difference being, this would be an expense on top of paying for said software.


WordPress can be used to build pretty much any type of website you want. A lot of people have this misconception that WordPress really only works for blogs, or similar streaming content services. While it is definitely ideal for these, this is not, by any means, the only type of thing easily built with WordPress. With the right extensions, templates, and implementation, you can easily build portfolios, forums, ratings websites, e-commerce, any number of other, intricate professional systems.

Due to its open-source nature, it’s easy to get it to do even obscure, unusual types of websites, as far as functionality goes. The sky is really the limit when it comes to the various types of things WordPress will let you build. The next time someone tells you would only works for blogs, tell them you now know better!


WordPress can work with just about every type of standard multimedia format out there. You can put just about any kind of standard content you want up, including images, audio, video, documents and so on. This means that any standardly viewed format, you can put in your content, click submit, and it will display just fine.

This goes hand-in-hand with the fact that you can build any type of website want with WordPress, and the same goes for your content. Remember, you can only use content that you own, or that is of public domain. Don’t get in trouble like people on YouTube have a habit of doing, uploading content that you have no right to use!

Easy to Learn, Massive Community

WordPress is very easy to use, once you know what you’re doing. While it does take some learning to become well-versed in getting the full power out of this framework, this learning is easily accomplished. WordPress has a massive community, meaning that tutorials, templates, how to videos and everything in between are readily available from beginner all the way to advanced.

Most of this community is very friendly and welcoming, always happy to see new people sharing their love for this framework, and extending its use in new and interesting ways. This means that finding somebody to actually talk to, willing to get you started down the right path, is it difficult at all. The people in the WordPress community want to help you get the most out of this framework. Don’t be shy!

Expandability and Management

WordPress is very expandable, allowing you to scale your website up as its popularity grows three white collection of templates, themes and plug-ins. You can get any functionality you need, and you can get themes that expand, as you grow as a brand, and as a presence.

Along with this, you have full control of your website, on HTML level, with no micromanagement or higher administration to seize your content or interfere. You have full management power, and it’s very easy to do through the intuitive control panel provided.

This ease of management and full power extends to SEO, prioritizing this to help you build your visibility in search engines, and maximize your outreach. This isn’t just important for businesses, anyone wishing to grow in popularity and notoriety online needs to optimize this visibility.

It Is the Best for Blogging

While we spent quite a bit of time arguing that WordPress isn’t just about blogs, that is its original purpose, and it hasn’t forgotten its roots. It is the best tool for blogging out there, due to its ease of management, flexible content capacity, and ease of customization.

Most personal websites take the form of some kind of blog, even if the standard concept of blogging isn’t the intent. As a result, its power as a blogging framework is useful even if that’s not the type of website you are trying to build.

To learn more about the power of WordPress, and discover other interesting things you can do with it, and other ways it can help you have the strongest Internet presence possible, fill out our contact form below. We love WordPress, and we want to help you love it too!