How To Improve Your Ecommerce UX To Increase Conversions

In the same way the first glimpse of the interior of a store needs to make a strong impression on potential customers, the first impression of an eCommerce site can make or break a potential sale. Analyzing user experience – or UX – can make a huge difference.

The First Impression

When users visit your site, it should be immediately clear what your brand is about and what makes it stand out from the crowd, it should also be obvious what is sold and what the costs are. If most of these things aren’t addressed on the first page you see, some potential conversions can be lost right away. We look at how to showcase everything your brand is from the first moment the page loads to maximize conversions.

Balancing Search and Discovery

There are basically two types of customers who might visit your eCommerce site; those who are coming for a specific product and those who are just browsing. There is a delicate balance in appealing to both. We help you make sure you have powerful and dynamic search systems that deliver meaningful results as well as help people discover related products through suggestions and highlighted products.

Learning About the Product

Nothing makes online shopping uneasy like lack of details and information. There are plenty of companies looking to make a quick dollar off the unsuspecting shopper. By providing tons of information, dimensions, details and user reviews, you can help calm these worries before hand.

No one likes to purchase something online when they’re not completely sure of how it looks, fits or works. We help you nail down important details to answer client questions before they even ask them. We can also help with art resources and mockups and even customization engines to help your customers visualize what they’ll be purchasing.

The Sales Process

Another important aspect is to provide true transparency on your processes. How do returns work? What happens if the client is not satisfied? These are all answers that should be answered up-front. Making these things clear up front can put more nervous shoppers at ease and show your commitment to good products and service.

We can also help you implement important functionality such as incident management, return handling, order status pages and more. Even live-chat systems handled by third-parties can be implemented to make your store as responsive as it could possibly be.

The Power of User Experience

Large eCommerce companies like Amazon, spend serious time and money scrutinizing every click of their workflow, and the results pay off! If you’re not sure what your user experience feels like or how to improve it, let our experts take a look and make your virtual storefront truly awe-inspiring!

Finally, provide information about returns, refunds and warranties, where applicable, for transparency and to showcase your commitment to good customer service.
If created with good user design in mind, the checkout process can be a great opportunity to build brand trust with users, which is linked to higher conversions and revenue.