Building a mobile app? Read these 5 biggest red flags first!

Mobile apps are one of the most popular products in the digital world. It’s estimated that there were about 5 billion apps in use by 2020 with that number continuing to grow steadily. With an increased demand for mobile apps companies specializing in developing them have been experiencing a huge boom. On the other hand, many scam companies have emerged and taken advantage of the newly booming industry. It’s becoming harder to find a reliable and trustworthy company to work with. To help you choose a qualified mobile app development company we have compiled five red flags to look out for when choosing who you want to partner with. It’s important to know who you’re hiring.

1. Not Identifying a Target Audience and User Requirements

In order to build a successful mobile app a target audience and the user requirements must be identified. Once these items are discovered the mobile app is developed to meet the needs of the target audience. Be wary of any mobile app development company that wants to skip over or do shallow research on this part of the process. If you don’t get the target audience and user requirements met your app simply won’t be successful. It’s a good sign that the company won’t produce quality work. 

2. Choosing Too Many Operating Systems and Too Many Features 

Operating systems vary greatly from Andriod, iOS, to Windows. It is best to choose one operating system from the beginning of development. If the app is successful on one platform then begin development on the others. A good mobile app development company will know this. Be wary of mobile app development companies that want to launch on multiple platforms at the same time. Also be wary of companies that try to add too many extra features too soon. Start out with the basics and if a need is seen to add other features then develop those, rather than waste budget and resources on extras the users won’t use. 

3. Not Including Adequate QA Testing During Development

When your mobile app reaches the hands of users you want it to work as best as possible with few bugs and errors. Think twice before hiring a mobile app development company that isn’t offering QA (quality analysis) testing during the development process. As the client you should be part of the QA testing. A reputable mobile app development company is going to request that you test the app as the user throughout all stages of the project to ensure they are building an app that suits your needs and vision. If you find yourself working with a company that doesn’t want you to see the app until it is completely finished that should sound alarms. 

4. Lack of Experience & References

When looking for a mobile app development company researching experience and past clients should be top priorities. Developing and designing mobile apps are complex projects requiring talent and technical know-how to produce quality results and make the most of your investment. If you can’t view portfolios of completed projects or view certifications, those are warnings you might not be looking at a quality company capable of producing the best mobile app. 

5. Slow Response Time

If it seems like you are always waiting for a response or having to inquire multiple times with a mobile app development company you should reconsider hiring them. It’s a costly investment in both time and money to build a successful mobile app. It is a process that involves a lot of back and forth clear communication between clients and the development team. You’re going to find yourself in long drawn out projects if communication does not run smoothly. Most likely the quality of the mobile app will also be less while placing more time between the start of development (your investment)  and receiving those anticipated returns for your investment. 

Choosing a quality mobile app development company is a crucial step to ensure the greatest return on your investment. These are five of the major red flags to watch out for when considering who to partner with. By being aware of these signs, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision. If you have questions or you are looking to start a partnership with a renowned tech company that brings innovation and technology together through human possibility, call or visit One Blink Technology Group, LLC. They will readily and expertly assist you with all your questions and mobile app development needs.