How To Promote Your Website To Hundreds

There is an old adage that talks about how opinions aren’t that important because everyone has them. That adage should probably be adapted to the 21st century with the change: “Opinions are like websites; everyone has one.” In today’s technology-forward world, everyone you meet has a website to promote something. That doesn’t mean that every website

Fifteen minutes can get you a 6,000% ROI

Mark Hinton, CEO of eYeFacilitate, hired Jaymunda to create an Online Press Release (“OPR”) in September. Within two weeks of having his OPR published, a prospective client in Kentucky contacted him to say that he read the release and was interested in discussing working together. The result was that, with this client alone, Mark closed $30,000 in

Turning a New Leaf

I have to admit, it’s a little scary to build a sales team AND transition the company’s business model. For the last few months, I’ve been knee-deep in building a 15-person sales force across Atlanta, Asheville and Central Tennessee, developing Online Marketing Products to our portfolio, and continuing to run operations in the Website Design area of the business. What’s scary about

I Got Traffic. Now What? – By Jon Rognerud –

I Got Traffic. Now What? By Jon Rognerud – Congratulations. Through diligent keyword placement, content creation, and internal and external link development, you’ve optimized your site to attract search engine visitors for your top related terms and phrases. Now that they’re coming, how do you get them to stay? And more importantly, how do

Concerned about credit cards online? We are too…

Many small business owners are concerned about the security risks of accepting credit cards online, but did you know that your clients have a much greater risk of identity theft by someone standing behind you in a fast food line or at the mall?  Plus, most consumers under 50 years of age refuse to make a purchase