The Quick Start Guide to Writing in Your Blog

You want to create a blog to promote your business, but you’re not sure what approach to take? Never fear, because Jaymunda is here to help get you on the right blogging path.

No matter what you call it, blogging is writing. And there are some simple rules and tips that you should remember in order to make your writing interesting and effective.

Don’t try to be something you’re not

You’ve always heard that honesty is the best policy in the Boy Scouts and at home from your mother. Well, honesty is also a key to successful writing. Write about what you know and about what has helped you create your business niche.

Even if you don’t have a Fortune 50, 500 or 5000 company, if you’re running a business in this fragile economy, you’re doing something right. People can benefit from your insight as long as you keep it real.

Creating blog topics

As often as possible, you want to keep your blog centered on your business or services that you’re trying to promote. Your topics, though, don’t have to involve intricate details of your comprehensive business plan.

Blogging about something that you discovered during a routine business day that helped you save time or money will be of interest to other business owners. Even when you are blogging about something that is off the main subject area of your business, try to think of a link you can insert that will bring the blog back around to the task at hand.

An example might be if you want to talk about your favorite charity or non-profit that you volunteer with, why not let others know how you manage to do that activity and still keep your business running smoothly? You can also tell readers how your philanthropic efforts help you run your business.

How to write your blog

Whether writing a blog, a web content article or a church newsletter, there are some things to remember that will make your efforts more successful:

    • Keep your writing simple – Don’t try to throw in flowery words that will make people think you are the smartest thing since Stephen Hawking. It’s best to keep your writing at a high school level target audience.
    • Get to the point – The longer you take to make your point, the less chance you have of keeping your readers interested.
    • Remember your target audience – No matter what you are writing about, remember who it is intended for. If you keep the subject matter interesting to your audience, you will get more mileage from your blog.