Increase safety and productivity throughout the facility.

The earliest applications of industrial automation, dating back nearly a century, was obviously to improve productivity and efficiency. Machines don’t need to clock out and rest, working tirelessly around the clock, save for inevitable maintenance and repair periods. To a lesser extent at the time, industrial automation also allowed for a consistency of quality and standards compliance, having eliminated some elements of human error.

Today, automation is a far cry from its roots in the early 20th century, with advanced robotics, sophisticated sensor systems and truly powerful computing. This all vastly expands what automation can do, as well as the benefits of implementing it.

  • Unmatched Productivity and Quality – Like its ancestors, modern automation can produce unparalleled quality with nanometer precision and inspection at high speeds. It can perform these tasks, depending on the process, many times in a short period of time, and do so 24x7x365, thus converting your facility into a futuristic industrial powerhouse.
  • Accurate, Bountiful Information – Advanced sensory systems and digital communications/processing allows for extremely high-resolution metrics that would’ve been impossible before the digital age. These are metrics that can eliminate defects, help accurately plan production schedules, and discern ways to eliminate bottlenecks and further advance overall quality.
  • Safety – Finally, safety is of course every facility’s number one priority. With industrial automation, especially when advanced robotics is brought in, employees can be spared from the most dangerous aspects of the industrial process, thus reducing the risk of injury or accident exponentially!

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Increase safety and productivity throughout the facility.

Bespoke Software Engineering

Increase safety and productivity throughout the facility.

As time has passed, every business has become more and more reliant upon digital technology. While there exists a small, core group of people arguing that this is problematic, most wouldn’t hesitate to extoll the seemingly boundless benefits that going digital can provide. On top of abundant information, accurate calculations and record keeping, and error-free metrics from every process, the nigh-instantaneous parallel communication between everyone involved in any given endeavor mustn’t be taken for granted.

The problem is that all of this requires software, which isn’t something that any random computer-literate person can readily produce to a professional standard. Off-the-shelf applications or SaaS solutions can often be quite excellent, but for many businesses, features tend to be lacking or undercooked, resulting in messy tool chains full of redundancies and incompatibilities.

Bespoke software engineering can resolve this problem utterly and completely. When designing software, we work closely with the target userbase, outlining all of their processes, standards and their corporate culture, using these as a strong foundation for the interfaces, conventions and feature set. We test our services directly with the target users, in the field, refining it to work exactly how you need, in every way you need, across every platform in your environment.

The result is software that does exactly what you need, only what you need, and exactly the way you need.

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Integrate System-level Automation & Control

Custom SCADA

Increase safety and productivity throughout the facility.

Remote supervision and data analysis are a big thing for modern businesses, and the benefits are impossible to overstate. With the capacity to track processes without “meddling”, while getting high-resolution metrics and logistics, you can improve efficiency, expand the scope of management and logistical problem solving without a vastly-expanded staff, and these are just the tip of the ice berg.

The problem, much like with other software solutions, lies with the generality of off-the-shelf SCADA applications and services. While there are a host of great SCADA suites out there, few of them can really be perfectly adapted to your needs and your specific business processes. The ones that do allow this, tend to do so via very clunky approaches, or through complex, non-standard programming environments that tend to go wrong more often than right.

With custom SCADA, you can get an application suite that targets your specific processes, equipment and that focuses on your specific key points of information. The calculations performed can be designed around your specific needs, and the interfaces can be tailored to match the mindset of your corporate culture and existing software experience, company-wide.

It can be made to work specifically with the platforms with which you work daily, and be free of all of those bothersome features and overhead you’d never use, which plague a great many off-the-shelf SCADA solutions currently available.


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The Future of IoT Development

Commercial IOT

Increase safety and productivity throughout the facility.

IOT has been a big focus in the tech industry for the past decade, and it’s evolving and progressing at a breakneck pace. It’s really quite the phenomenon, and given the benefits, it’s understandable.

IOT connects infrastructure, utilities, security, information and people in a new and unique way that improves efficiency, increases safety and skyrockets productivity across the board. While it’s a matter of convenience for residential environments, this can greatly expand the capabilities of your SCADA implementation, your industrial automation, your onsite security, your health and safety and much, much more.

On top of this, the interconnectivity of infrastructure on a digital platform increases communication, boosts the precision and quantity of metrics and analytics you can acquire, and allows for an overall smoother, streamlined industrial or business environment. Coupled with advanced AI, custom SCADA, advanced industrial automation and a suite of bespoke software applications tailored to your specific needs, and you literally have a futuristic, super-efficient and super-safe environment that was pure science fiction just ten years ago.

Artificial Intelligence

Many people assume that artificial intelligence remains that one final push in computing that we just haven’t reached, but is always around the corner. The truth is, while a human-analog digital intelligence doesn’t yet exist, AI has been around for quite some time, and that includes practical application.

AI is actually just fuzzy logic/machine learning. Put simply, it’s a set of complex algorithms that take existing information, make specific abstract decisions or calculations based on this information, and learn from the experience and input, to make more informed decisions and calculations the next time around.

AI has countless advantages, being tireless not unlike automation, and being much faster at these calculations than most groups of human analysts could ever hope to be, while mostly eliminating the element of human error.

This allows AI to be excellent for rapidly exploring multiple models of industrial processes or other more abstract models, landing on a set of viable prototype concepts without anyone being hurt, or a lot of money and time being put into failed ideas. AI is also excellent for smarter, more dynamic automation and analytics processing, furthering the productivity and safety of your facility in new and unique ways.

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