How To Promote Your Website To Hundreds

There is an old adage that talks about how opinions aren’t that important because everyone has them. That adage should probably be adapted to the 21st century with the change: “Opinions are like websites; everyone has one.”

In today’s technology-forward world, everyone you meet has a website to promote something. That doesn’t mean that every website is created equal. Many websites lack substance and aren’t utilized properly as Marketing tools.

“Not only did Jaymunda’s Online Press Release increase our exposure, but they took much of the headache out of writing the release. Excellent work!”
– Thurman Williams, ISC Executive Search

Jason Syzdek wants to change that for business owners, whether they have one or 1,000 employees. Syzdek, President and CEO of Jaymunda, helps businesses create and enhance their websites so they can thrive in today’s challenging economic times.

Syzdek started Jaymunda in 2004 as a web design company. Today Jaymunda focuses on top-performing websites and either creates new ones or enhances existing ones to help businesses improve their bottom line by offering a wide variety of online marketing tools.

“We build tools that help companies promote their business online,” Syzdek explains. “We do this through Online Press Releases (OPRs), blogs and website hosting.”

One of the most exciting online marketing tools that Jaymunda offers clients is its Online Press Releases. The OPRs are best for branding and creating more content online about a company. Syzdek said that Jaymunda’s OPRs are much different than Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and that is by design.

“We don’t want our Online Press Releases to be SEO,” Syzdek said. “In fact, we have strategic partners that we work with that do a wonderful job at SEO. The OPRs fit into the realm of Online Marketing and they can be done as a stand-alone or as part of a whole online marketing project. For example, if we install a blog for you, it’s a great place to put your OPRs, then link back to your main website for more information about your company.”

One client that can testify to the effectiveness of Jaymunda’s OPRs is ISC Executive Search. ISC hired Jaymunda to create an Online Press Release and within 12 hours of posting, the release was live on over 450 websites.

How many times have you Googled a company you considered doing business with to learn more about them? Thanks to Jaymunda’s release, when you Google “ISC Executive Search” Jaymunda’s OPR comes in at No.2 after ISC’s own website.

Thurman Williams, CEO of ISC, has this to say about the effectiveness of Jaymunda’s OPR: “Not only did Jaymunda’s Online Press Release increase our exposure, but they took much of the headache out of writing the release.  Excellent work!”

Let Jaymunda help you get your business story out to as many online outlets as possible by utilizing Online Press Releases. You may have an interesting story to tell, but knowing how and where to tell it will make it that much more effective.

Jaymunda, Inc. has offices in Atlanta, GA and Asheville, NC. For more information on Jaymunda’s OPRs and other online marketing tools, visit or call 678-389-6929.