How to Hire a Qualified Software Engineer?

If you’ve been operating a small business for any considerable time, you’re already aware that not all software engineers are cut out the same. From four-year bachelor’s degrees in computer science to fly-by-night boot camps, thousands of full-stack training programs are available, and they all vary in breadth and quality. Many software engineers are completely self-taught, and a large fraction of this group is quite good, especially after they’ve accumulated some quality experience.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to settle for unqualified software developers. You never want to sell yourself short when it comes to IT talent. This approach is almost assured to snowball as your small business gains traction and starts to expand its footprint. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to approach hiring a software engineer that’s qualified to meet the IT requirements of your unique business.

Whether you need one software engineer for a single project or a dedicated team to handle a sweeping digital transformation initiative, the talented pool of skilled, test-driven engineers at One Blink Technology is capable of solving your most complex IT problems with 100% transparency at every step.

Why is it important to hire a developer with a proven track record?

Hiring software engineers in the current labor market is a tricky business. To invoke a sports analogy, your team can’t succeed unless you recruit the top players. Access to exceptional IT talent pays off handily, and you’d be surprised how quickly you realize a return on investment that’s worth mentioning. In today’s technology-driven business milieu, a highly skilled software development team is indispensable.

Experienced developers help you drive revenue and growth by producing the highest quality in the shortest amount of time. With that mentioned, skilled engineers are in short supply. It’s just not easy to find a developer that can provide the world-class service that your business needs before it can thrive. Right now, startups and established companies alike are primarily focused on accelerating their digital presence to grow their customer base. Of course, a task like this requires a team of well-qualified software engineers.

Recent figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics show that demand for skilled software engineers is at an all-time high. Demand for developers is expected to grow by 21% by 2026. Comparatively speaking, the market for most other career positions will grow on an average of 5%. Encountering a suitable developer is more challenging than ever. And without establishing an effective recruiting strategy, the odds of you finding a qualified engineer are low.

Understanding how to connect with top software engineers will result in significant cost savings over time. You’ll find efficiency gains that set you apart from competitors and peace of mind knowing you have well-developed software that works. Here are the three main qualities to look out for when evaluating a software developer’s candidacy:

Seek engineers with intelligence, not just technical skills

As a business owner, you’ll always face an uphill battle if you’re the most intelligent person in the room. You shouldn’t hesitate to hire an IT professional who you suspect might be more intelligent than you are. In fact, should this scenario present itself, barring no other serious red flags, don’t hesitate to jump at the chance to hire such a candidate. Depending on the nature of your business, you may have no IT background at all. Alternatively, you might be managing all your IT requirements on your own, and you simply can’t keep up with the task anymore.

There are various types of “intelligence,” as it were. The top software engineers, like you, will have strong business acumen, be effective at problem-solving, and understand how to adapt to the IT needs of your unique business. Candidates like this can provide well-customized software that doesn’t break. If an issue arises during the development process, a smart and conscientious software engineer will quickly get your project back on track.

Identify multi-skilled candidates

Mastering every coding language and being familiar with all the frameworks and tools is impossible. But you should steer clear of software engineers whose knowledge is limited to a single coding language. Any prospective developer must be flexible enough to work with multiple technologies. Hiring a versatile software engineer always translates to reduced IT labor overhead in the end.

Technologies are never static. You should, therefore, recruit candidates with open personalities who display a willingness to expand their existing knowledge and skills. This way, you’re investing in an employee who evolves with your organization and can keep up with the latest industry trends and developments.

Communication are collaborate the key to success

Software engineers who are strong communicators are ideal because these are the best candidates to help your organization flourish. As you conduct your search, you will undoubtedly encounter software engineers with a strong technical aptitude but who lack the soft skills required to be effective collaborators. In order to succeed, complex software development projects demand keen oral and written communication skills from everyone involved.

Absent clear communication, your project is at risk of stalling or falling apart entirely, and your software engineer shouldn’t be exempt from possessing this quality. When things come up, the developer must know how to proceed with resolving your predicament and explain to you a clear action plan for overcoming the obstacle.

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