Commercial IoT

Increase safety and productivity throughout the facility.

Computer technology progresses at an increasingly blinding speed. Since the mid-90s, when the world wide web took the world by storm, putting computers in almost every home, the world has changed in so many ways that, while subtle on the face of it, are impossible to not notice.

IOT is the latest product of this, another new way to improve quality of life through computing and networking. It’s been a dream for some time. Movies where commanding lights and appliances turn on or off, sound systems playing ambient music, and of course, wiring all of this through businesses and industry. Connecting everything to computers for rapid, intelligent control just sounds like a good idea.

IOT in a home has many advantages, including controlling HVAC, lighting, appliances, multimedia devices, and above all, home security. It’s a convenience and a safety measure that will become a standard in homes with basically any income within the next couple decades.

In a commercial environment, however, it takes on a whole new scope, with seemingly infinite possibilities. When integrated with some bespoke software and especially custom SCADA and AI, commercial IOT can turn an industrial complex into a powerhouse, a retail establishment into a smooth operation, and so on.

The Future of IoT Development

What Is IOT?

IOT (internet of things) is a technology concept where various devices previously not connected to a network, actually are. They usually do this via WiFi, Bluetooth, landline infrastructure, and in some cases, RFID technology. Quite simply, anything electrical, with some additional computing hardware integrated into it, can become part of an IOT network. This includes appliances, utilities, industrial equipment, computers and mobile devices, appliances, security and surveillance, retail technologies and asset tracking systems.

This allows these devices to be controlled from a central interface, and to have preprogrammed settings which can be requested via voice commands, interfaces, or easily be put on timers. Devices capable of more complex feedback such as RFID scanners, surveillance and industrial equipment can monitored, controlled and information be logged.

The Power of IOT

The immediate advantages of a centralized communications and control network spanning all of these elements are fairly obvious – convenience, efficiency and tighter security overall. However, when we implement IOT for your business, the potential is far greater.

  • Personnel Tracking: With security systems (including digital locks on doors, ID cards and surveillance cameras) connected to your IOT network, you can readily track all personnel on site. This allows you to easily recognize intruders/trespassers, and to prevent time theft by employees fairly effortlessly.
  • Asset Tracking: Similar to personnel tracking, asset tracking with the use of RFID or QR/Barcode can become a breeze when the check in/check out systems are linked to a centralized IOT network. When integrated with custom SCADA, this is a powerful way to track usage of various assets and equipment, which prevents a lot of loss while providing powerful analytics for overall usage, maintenance and so on.
  • Inventory Management: For retail or manufacturing, tracking inventory over a central IOT network is far more efficient, accurate and reliable. Simply pulling this data up, provided by scanning or feedback from production equipment (sales data via registers in retail) is powerful when cross-referenced with other key information, all made possible via IOT and custom software.
  • Safety and Condition Monitoring: When you bring in some AI or some clever software, you can use environment sensors to track conditions in public or industrial spaces. This allows you to optimize safety, security and climate/environment. This matters just as much in industrial environments where optimized space and comfort increases productivity and safety significantly. With IOT, you can detect when it’s too hot or cold, when the air isn’t clean enough, or when areas become dangerously choked by people or equipment. You can then eliminate a lot of hazards and poor working conditions that would otherwise be hard to model and spot.

Customized IoT solutions

Custom IOT

You can implement a basic IOT system that achieves some of this with off-the shelf parts and a little ingenuity. However, to maximize this for your business and get the most out of it, you need a custom system. We’re here to help you make this a realist.

We can work closely with you, making note of your specific concerns and needs. We can focus on IOT features that matter most to you and your business, while ensuring that the software involved is 100% compatible with the platforms you and your employees use most.

We will be aware of any and all specialized commercial equipment you’re using, from specific models of barcode scanner, register, RFID infrastructure etc., and be sure that they’re fully connected to your network. If you don’t have equipment capable of it due to age or obscurity, we can work with you to bring in new equipment you’ll be fully comfortable with that will work seamlessly with your new IOT system.

We’ll help you educate your staff on the ins and outs of this new technology, leaving you with a modern business that’s streamlined, safe and smart.

To be frank, this technology is going to be everywhere by the end of the next decade, and it will allow many businesses to set the new standard for how commercial spaces and industrial facilities work. Production quotas, customer comforts and data standards will be rigidly defined by these new capabilities. Any business without this new technology will simply be unable to compete, and be regarded by customers as outdated and unprofessional.

Being a smart business owner, you know the perils of being left behind by progress, and the many countless benefits of following solid technology trends. It can be overwhelming, but if you’re ready to implement a modern, streamlined IOT system, we’re ready to help you make that a reality.

If you’re ready to move into the 21st century and take your business to whole new levels of productivity, safety and versatility, then take the first step and fill out our contact form today. Know that you’re definitely not alone on this journey, we’ll be with you every step of the way.


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