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We live in a digital millennium. Since the 1980s (arguably some time before that), computers have had an increasing role in daily life but even more so in business. Computers vastly enhance the accuracy and speed of record keeping. They allow for the rapid calculation of logistical problems, financial concerns and of course, in modeling and operating industrial processes of increasing complexity.

They empower people to rapidly communicate across departments and even locations all over the globe, literally at the speed of light. Just about any dimension of any business or industrial process involves a computer somewhere, doing complicated and invaluable things to improve the result.

Few people will argue against the value added to life by computers, at least on a macroscopic level. This doesn’t make them perfect, however. The biggest problem with computers isn’t the difficulty of use – that’s long been curtailed when any software developer worth their salt is involved.

No, the problem is software. The software ecosystem for even most of the very niche environments is fairly robust and diverse these days, but there’s an inherent problem with off-the-shelf software. Put simply, you’re quite hard pressed to find a software solution that perfectly fits your needs.

Features will either be underdeveloped, too general, or utterly absent, while other features for which you’ve no practical use, bog down the computers and get in the way. On top of this, you’re paying for these features when you don’t even need them.

This is where bespoke software development can be an absolute godsend for most businesses. Please take a moment and allow us to show you why you need bespoke software, the problems it will solve, and the experience you will have when working with us to develop your dream application suite. We’re not here to sell you a product, we’re here to help you create the product you wish someone sold.

Why You Need Bespoke Software

Why You Need Bespoke Software

We’ve touched on feature problems, but let’s talk about that in a little bit more detail. With off-the-shelf software solutions, a developer has no choice but to generalize, to some extent or another, the available features and how they work. They may specialize for a specific industry, but that’s still a pretty broad generalization – every business has its own corporate culture and way it does things, both on an administrative and an industrial level.

Bending general features to your specifics can be an exercise in frustration where it’s possible at all. It usually involves some obscure programming environment even well-versed developers would find alien, adding to the cost and time it takes to really get software working perfectly. This is of course assuming that the features you need are even all present, which is guaranteed to not be the case most of the time.

You may have found an application that meets your needs, but it’s bloated. It may do a hundred things you don’t need, which overcomplicates it, and drives the costs up exponentially, which will not amuse your accounting and financial departments.

Perhaps you’ve found exactly the software you need. It’s perfect, or at least close enough to happily work with. Unfortunately, it’s for a platform your business doesn’t use. It may be Mac based when your entire business is powered by Windows or, albeit rare, Linux. While platform-agnosticism is increasingly a focus thanks to web-based SaaS, you may not want to go that route, as it has a myriad of drawbacks. Having an existing platform ported over can be a costly headache when the developers are even willing to do so (they often are not, unless you throw exorbitant amounts of money at them).

Finally, and this happens far more often than you might think, the application you need might not exist in any form at all. Nobody has bothered to develop it, because the need has never arisen before or the customer base for it is too small to justify the project on a financial level.

There are a host of other issues that come about too, such as training for off-the-shelf solutions being arduous, updates either being lacking or sometimes disastrously system-breaking. We could go on.

Advantages Of Bespoke Software

Benefits of Bespoke Software

Obviously, the most immediate benefit is the elimination of any or all of the stumbling blocks mentioned above. You will get what you need, for the platform you need. That’s an oversimplification of how this service can benefit you, though.

Where off-the-shelf products require your users to bend their way of thinking to match the intent of the developers, bespoke software can be designed with your corporate culture, philosophy and way of thinking in mind. The interfaces, conventions etc. are laid out and implemented with your approach and way of thinking in mind.

This in turn also makes training much more manageable, as that mind-bending hurdle is gone, and the software will deal with concepts and tasks with which your staff are already more or less familiar.

It will not only work on the platform(s) your business uses, but it will be optimized for your specific machines, with their strengths and weaknesses in mind.

It will be free of the bloat of off-the-shelf solutions as well. If you don’t need a feature, it simply won’t exist. If you need a feature, it will exist, and it will perform and behave in the exact and specific way you need, with no compromises required.

The end result is that the software is more affordable in the long run, training new employees to work with it will be a breeze, and it will boost your productivity exponentially thanks to being fine-tuned to your processes on a fundamental level.

Our Process

When we undertake a software project, we’re not thinking of a product for an industry. We’re thinking of a specific tool for a specific company to use. We take the time to learn how your processes work, what your corporate culture is, and how your intended users think.

We take your intended goals and needs in mind, and develop to facilitate those and nothing else, to produce lean, dedicated applications with no fluff. We involve your company in our tests, getting actual field data to ensure that, when the software is deployed in daily operations, it works exactly how it should every time.

Take a moment, and just imagine the perfect application for your process. What does it do, how does it do it? What do you wish your existing software didn’t do? Now, fill out our contact form, and let us make that dream application into a reality, so you can kiss that off-the-shelf annoyance goodbye.


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